Beyond the world above

As night finally makes its way,
Shining its blackness upon me,
Making me fade within the darkness,
Disappearing for just a little while,
Unobserved, hidden from view,
Taking much needed time alone,
Looking up to the sky above,
Lost within its magnificent sights.

With the stars filling the night sky,
Dazzling with fantastic lights,
Planets are also seen,
The lights which doesn’t blink,
Such peacefulness comes within me,
Imaginations taking control,
Drifting into the realms above,
Just for a moment,
Playing out my fantasy.

What would it be like,
To be a light in the sky above,
Would loneliness caused insanity,
Being so far apart?
Though there are many,
The spaces in between are wide,
The emptiness in between,
The blackness of nothingness,
Wondering aloud to myself,
Is it any different than my life?
Is this loneliness the same,
Or is it far greater than my understanding.

Being above the world,
Blinking down, such a sight,
Would my thoughts be the same,
While I am looking down,
Or would perceptions,
Play an important role?
A cup half full,
To some, a cup half empty,
Would my thoughts remain the same,
If I see what the stars above saw?

Written by Tan Nguyen
22nd of December 2015


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