Freedom, too far

Wandering through the void,
The emptiness within my mind,
Reaching out, never touching,
Always just out of sight,
Escapes the attempts, of reaching.

Little did I know,
What laid in store,
Those attempts were half heartedly,
Not really trying, not really believing,
Half doubting, half efforts,
Asking myself, was it fair,
To say it failed, when didn’t even try,
Unfair assessments, unfair conclusions.

Whole heartedly in trying,
What a big difference it made,
No longer is their blind spots,
Though there’s always doubt,
Reaching out, to the full extent,
Touching freedom, knowing it’s real,
A slight touch, slightest of all,
Confirming, there’s a world out there,
Waiting, wanting to be explored.

Written by Tan Nguyen
21st of December 2015


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