Day time by candle light

As night makes it way,
Across the endless ocean,
Crossing the vast lands,
Creeping ever so slowly,
Covering in blackness,
Everything in which it touches,
Turning, to the colour of blackness.

Inescapable, unavoidable,
Slowly transforming,
Everything within its sight,
Waiting patiently,
For night to passed by,
As with life, nothing is forever,
Constantly changing, ever moving,
Never still, always in motion,
Day shall soon arrive,
Like a candle in the night.

Day light makes it’s way,
Retracing the steps of night,
Undoing the blackness,
Which lay in its path,
Lighting the blackness,
Revealing all things hidden,
The effect of light, ever so bright.

Day and night,
In a constant dance,
Nothing for us to do,
But to enjoy this dance.

Written by Tan Nguyen
22nd of December 2015

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