Visions of dreams

As my visions becomes misty,
Illusions controlling reality,
Perceiving only with misconceptions,
Facing judgmental minds,
Remaining silent, only intensify,
The raging battle that’s within.

Anger, uncontrollable emotions,
Threatening the surface,
Of violently erupting any momemt,
Temptations, with false values,
Dangling right in the face,
Teasing, urging, testing my resolves,
Resisting, while battles rages all around,
Chaotic environments,
Unable to influence the surroundings.

Wishful thoughts,
Turning into dreams,
Holding onto, that little hope,
Fighting, relentlessly always,
Never surrendering, moving forward,
Tightly, holding onto that little hope,
Manifesting itself, hopefully one day,
Into a dream, worth fighting for.

Written by Tan Nguyen
22nd of December 2015


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