Eternally resurrected

Darkness fading without farewell,
Perhaps knowing it shall return,
A flicker away from being extinguished,
Struggling to remained breathing,
Facing another day filled with pain,
Emotions of only depressions
Despise of always in despair,
Those feelings, once ruled my realm.

Thanking my blessings each day,
Death was only a flicker away,
With every cell and fibre,
Keeping the flame from going out,
Only a flicker away of being no more,
Scary part was, not caring at all.

From the darkest depths,
The coldest of all places,
Where suffering takes enjoyments,
Where misery walks without shame,
Where happiness is tied up and tortured,
Where dreams go and become nightmares,
Even death refuses to enter this place.

Eternally exhausted, drained and tired,
Eternity is mocking endless,
For not being able to handle the pace,
Somewhere inbetween,
Reignited with such an explosion,
The flames of forever,
The sands of time,
The winds of change,
Are now mine, to claim it as my own,
Earnt my birth right,
To live the rest of my life,
Through the struggles,
Were important lessons,
Through the tears,
Cleaning my eyes,
Through the pain,
Keeping me awake,
Through everything I have experienced,
Purpose came to my door.

Written by Tan Nguyen
23rd of December 2015

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