Letting moments passing by

Rays of light, streaking the skyline,
Penetrating the vastness of night,
Rising steadily each moment,
Dawn of the new year has finally arrived,
New dreams to dream,
New beginnings to a terrible end,
Rekindling the feelings,
Of hoping once more.

Letting the moments,
Letting it passing by,
A year of awful events,
A year which nightmares were real,
And dreams were no where in sight,
Finding the strength through it all,
Same as finding a diamond,
Deep within the ocean.

Mirrors reflecting the moments,
Each face etched in pain,
Uselessness, nothing to do,
Only watching the events unfolding,
Each scene, dragging it on,
Needlessly, painfully,
Those moments I discovered,
The worst in humans that day.

Letting go, laying to rest,
Unable, being a part of me,
No matter how hard I try to forget,
It shall never come to past,
Changing my perceptions of events,
Turning my weaknesses, into my strengths,
Changing negativity into positivity,
No longer able to hide,
Beneath a rock for years on end,
Can’t turn back time,
Can create and design my future.

Unable to control many things,
Unable to have my way all the time,
Unable to change others opinions,
Unable to stop judgements from others,
Focusing on what I am able,
That is my actions from now on.

Written by Tan Nguyen
24th of December 2015

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