In remembrance of now

Timeless adventures, rights of passaged,
Walking through life unprepared,
All the struggles, surviving each battle,
Thoughts of surrender, many times over,
Total destruction of me, unable to succeed.

Everything I had ever experienced,
Every emotions which surged through me,
Every tears that fell, every hurt encountered,
All the suffering being endured,
Every time my heart was ripped out,
Smashed, shattered into a million pieces,
Made me the person I am right now.

Every decisions and every actions,
Led me to where I am right now,
Still standing, though still struggling,
Refusing to be totally beaten,
Hasn’t worked in the past, won’t work now,
In defeating the person who I am,
Maybe broken yet never been destroyed.

Everything which happened in my life,
Every thought which filled my mind,
Every heart beat which beated,
All things negative and positive,
All the lessons that were taught,
All the things my eyes witnessed,
Each moment from the past,
Be it good or bad, played its part,
The person that stands before you,
Experienced all those things,
Just to be me at this very moment,
Nothing more nor nothing less,
Than the person I ought to be,
In this moment in time.

Written by Tan Nguyen
25th of December 2015

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