Within the mist

Glancing from a far,
Witnessing something never before,
Floating above the ground,
Drifting in the air like clouds,
White mist as thick as mud,
Appearing on the road,
Unable to see beyond,
Creepy feelings, emerging within.

As shivers ran down my spine,
Eerie feelings unable to escape,
Ghastly in appearance,
As if the ghosts has came back to life,
Residing somewhere within the mist,
Ominous feelings, unnerving presence,
Each step taken, further away it seems,
As if it’s walking just ahead of me.

Little did I know, at that time,
The kind of illusions I was in,
Without being aware of this event,
Viewing from afar,
It looked as if I walked into the mist,
Yet my experienced were different,
It looked as if the thickness were less,
To those afar, the thickness consumed me.

Another dimensions perhaps,
Walked into another realm, possibly?
While being in the midst of it all,
Not being aware of it at all,
How could my visions fail so misberly?
How could my mind be tricked so?
Believing my sights,
Affecting my judgments,
Costly error, If only different situation.

Illusions, trapped with the mist,
Unknowingly being surrounded,
Walking through the thickness of it all,
Not realising in doing so,
How could that be?
Mysterious, interesting, exciting thoughts,
Stimulating my imaginations,
Unleasing the creativity eyes,
Pondering upon such matters,
More than the eyes can see,
A world yet untouched by human understandings.

Written by Tan Nguyen
24th of December 2015

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