Youthful theatrics

Teenage years spend with ignorance,
Naive and immaturity, perfect combination,
Maybe that is the secret to life,
Finding happiness, being truly free,
Maybe it’s no coincidences,
For those years were really fun.

Recklessness, juvenile behaviours,
Youthful in both acts and deeds,
Having the courage to dream,
Even believing to rule the world,
Innocence in pure form,
At least comparing with now,
Filled with knowledge and facts,
Unrealistic thoughts, barely seen anymore,
Age, gifting with more worries,
Age, being afraid of more things,
A true curse and a blessing.

Flash backs to my past,
Before my mind became so serious,
Eliminating all the fantasy,
Which once upon a time,
Completely filled my mind.

Written by Tan Nguyen
24th of December 2015

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