Reassurances discovered

Amazing what kind of lesson we are able to learn, through observations. Only by laying down and watching the surroundings.

As I was observing a small tiny kitten, limping along towards its mother. The mother was feeding the other four kittens milk. As soon as the mother saw the injured kitten, she quickly put her attention on the injured one. Nothing much shes able to do actually, and for some strange reason, I can actually feel what she’s feeling.

The injured kitten limps along, trying to catch up with its brothers and sisters. Tired from the effort, the injured kitten slumps down. While laying there, the brother comes over and started play fighting with the injured kitten. It didn’t take long at all for him to release hiis sister is injured. He stops and licks her for a little while.

This is the sweetest thing I had seen for a long time. The brother lays next to the injured kitten, I feel he knows theres nothing to be done about it. As I continue to observe, his just sorting next to the injured kitten, probably for comforting. I feel his worry, even though I ain’t even sure his old enough to even know such a thing as death.

It’s heart breaking watching this injured kitten limping around. It’s really a sad thing to watch. Struggling so desperately trying to go from one place to the next. It’s really affecting me at the moment, it’s a sad thing to even see.

The mother cat and her kittens never went to school, was never educated. Yet how can these lovely creatures, know what to do in life. How would the brother know to care, being protective of the injured kitten. Surely his too young to experience a injury of his own. Therefore how would he know what to do, in being protective.

These kittens play all day, sleep and play again. Jumping on each other, pouncing on each other. There’s no storage of good anyway, there’s no money in the bank. They don’t work and earn money. Yet there’s something about them, makes me really envious.

Even though they don’t know where they are going to sleep tonight. Nor worry about what is the next meal going to be. As they pounce on each other, playing as a family, brotbers and sisters. They are enjoying themselves, they are happy.

Its amazing watching the kittens annd the mother cat. The mother cat shows truly great dedication towords her babies. The kittens already displaying their knowledge. Probably by internal influence, by some instinct or feelings they have, automatically knowing what is happening around them.

The mother cat, showing great love and dedication. She will always be support of you, that’s something for certain. The kitten will die soon. I am looking at it now, I don’t think the injured kitten will last the day. Unfortunately, depression and outrageous.

The mother cat once again, reminding me a mother’s love. The rawness in power of a mother’s love. Truly there’s nothing that exist, comparing to a mother’s love. It’s powerful and mighty, the way things shall be.

And the kitten is just enjoying life, pouncing on everyone he is able. Lessons learnt here, is enjoy each other. The power of observations.

Written by Tan Nguyen
26th of December 2015

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