Breaking the boundaries

Standing at the bottom below,
Looking up at the monstrous mountain,
Facing it with dread, tightening throats,
Swallowing the fears, keeping it at bay,
Heights so high, uphill battles,
Difficulties forseen, hardship awaits,
Continuing this course, without a doubt,
Shall be the hardest path ever taken.

Looming, as the world holds it’s breath,
Taking the first step, destroying history,
Expectations are massively overwhelming,
Success or failure, judgements already made,
Doesn’t matter at all, opinion of others,
Already is their minds, made up before it begun,
Here I am, taking the risk, the consequences,
This is for me, and I alone.

Swallowing the dread once more,
Conquering my fears first of all,
Denying my doubts to surface,
Drowning my worries within the folds,
Absorbing all the confidences,
Mustering up all my strengths,
Preparing for this part of my life,
Here I am, Here i go,
Taking the first steps,
Conquering myself.

Written by Tan Nguyen
27th of December 2015


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