Comforts of Winter

Wrapped around Winter’s blanket,
Air, colder than ice, forming around,
With each new breath of icy chills,
Feeling the coldness, entering my lungs,
Frosty, knowing how he feels.

Divine as the splendours,
Enjoyment of mortal life,
Majestic as the Angels,
Glorious as the heroes of old,
Fantasy, dreaming reality away,
Covered with the cold,
Ice gardening inside my veins,
Gloomy as the heavens above,
Every time when Winter comes.

Every night as the wind blows,
Across my face, feeling pain,
Strong gusts of winds, cutting as a knife,
Snow falling down, in celebrations,
Anointing, acknowledging my rights,
Accepting my fate,
My destiny which lays ahead,
With the arrival of Winter,
Came answers into the night,
Unasked for  permission,
At least better late than never,
Freezing, without a shield.

Winter comes,
And Winters go,
As long as I am alive,
I am always near,
Within the moments,
Has the Angels in you,
Merging, forming into one,
No longer being separate,
As one, in body and soul.

Written by Tan Nguyen
26th of December 2015


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