My thoughts for today

Lately I have been observing, without talking or expressing any form of what I was thinking. It was me self reflecting on the past year.

As I was in one of my thinking mood behaviours, probably looking mean and uncaring. A kitten came to my face and rubbed its nose on mine. It made me questioned this action. Did the kitten know what I was feeling deep inside? That I needed some form of affection. At that time I was beginning to feel lonely. All the things were starting to build up again. And then the kitten came and rubbed it’s nose on mine and stopped me from losing control.

It mades me wonder, if kittens have a way into the soul of a human being. Sometims we humans think we are better than these animals. Just because of what reason? What reasons do we base ourselves on these things. On the achievements of others? We think we are better because we have build house and buildings? Some humans had, not the rest.

We sometimes view these animals in the wrong light. Yet, these animals seemed happy in their lives. They don’t stress about anything. A kitten acts like a kitten. A human acts inhuman. When a kitten is hungry, it goes and hunt or finds food. If it’s sleepy, it will go and sleep. It doesn’t have any plans, they just go and do it.

Whereas a human beings. We stressed on everything. And I mean everything. Stressing to maintained the things we have. We are afraid to lose things which we claimed to own. We stress so much, even in wanting more things than we have. And want them in bigger displays. Stressing more on maintaining it also. So it makes me wonder, who is the better creature?

Written by Tan


9 thoughts on “Sunday, December 27th 2015

  1. Hmmmm …..yep ….agreed
    Have oft thought if there IS such a thing as reincarnation would like to come back as a cat …..maybe cat first then if all goes well a cosmic ray later on
    Our cat has the life of Reilly …..just chases around having fun …thinks she rules the roost round here and plays havoc in the neighbourhood ….not a care in the world …fed, watered, snoozes, cuddles, plays ….what more could ANYONE want?
    Yes indeed ….reckon the cats are streets ahead of humans in the old karma steaks:)

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  2. My German Shepherd pup drives me insane most days but I’m better off with her than without her. There’s something supernatural about looking into the eyes of and animal and seeing their soul

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