Always not enough

Tan, you need to have more confidence in yourself.
Tan, you need to get your feet glued to the ground, too much self confidence.

Tan, you need to start caring about others.
Tan, you need to stop caring about others and look after yourself.

Tan, you have to improve on your self awareness.
Tan, you are focusing too much on yourself.

Tan, you need to be strong or others can follow your example.
Tan, your too strong, let others into your life to help you.

Tan, Tan, Tan,
People love to give me advice and complaints,
Never the compliments when I do so,
Either way, I don’t dwell so well,
When others pay me compliments,
I don’t know how to react,
Perhaps that’s why I am surrounded,
With such people! Haha.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of December 2015

16 thoughts on “Always not enough

  1. :D:D:D ….Tan …don’t know what to say ….just that you seem to be perfect in your tormented, profound, beautiful sometimes bleak sometimes funny way …perfect in your imperfection ……ANNOYING isn’t it?:D:D:D
    I’m not going to comment anymore …only been ‘blogging’ since October and I’ve developed some kind of ‘addiction’
    Might do a bit more ‘releasing’ on my own blog …yep …I have no room to comment when my own house is FAR from in order …then.diconnecting on Thursday for a while ….one thing tho Tan …you sure are able to express through your writing …I for one LOVE your work …but maybe that’s not helpful:D:D:D

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  2. No worries …No offence taken …but LOVE to see folk tapping into their talents …particularly creative ones …now I really MUST stop reading and commenting on folks blogs …it’s like a whole new world has opened and I’ve gone a bit berserk ….sorry:D:D:D


  3. :D:D:D ….Good!!! ….long may it continue …try not to forget ‘real world’ experience tho …although there IS a lot of bleakness out there …there is the odd bright yellow dandelion popping up from a crack in the concrete if you feel with your senses and keep your eyes open ….ooooops in danger of sticking my ‘twopenneth’ in AGAIN ….that’s IT now …I need to balance MY senses …it’s easy to get carried away and lost in the ‘bloggersphere’

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    1. There are alot of bleakness out there in the world. Just, doing what I can, doing my small part for the world. It may be nothing to others, but for me, it means something. Happy new years.


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