Conquering surroundings

Battles rages uncontrollable within,
Destroying all the structures inside,
Everything which has been built, till now,
All the foundations braking down,
Crumbling, turning into black ashes,
The world I knew, the world I known,
Falling apart, before my very eyes. .

Everything in which I had learnt,
Being tested and failing miserably,
All I had ever known, only deciets and lies,
All i had ever trusted, nothing but illusions,
My world, my life has been nothing,
Nothing at all, but a waste of life and time,
Regret and self blame, at the heights of power.

Suddenly, a force within erupted,
Awakening of myself, my true self,
Conquering the mass illusions,
Which surrounds me in deadly lies,
Waking up to the realitys of the world,
My purpose is found through chaos,
I am chaos, and everything else I feel,
Only to realise what’s true or what’s not,
This is me, conquering my deepest fears,
Overcoming everything, which held me down,
This is me, being me,
Nothing less, nothing more,
Expectations, my own.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of December 2015

9 thoughts on “Conquering surroundings

  1. Beautiful poetry as ever ….but whatever experiences in life they are of value …even by way of selection …choice of which to carry foreward and which are no longer of use ….one things for sure …you are a beautiful person …you wouldn’t be able to write as you do if you weren’t

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    1. You are really sweet. Thanks for thinking of me in that way. Sorry if I don’t sound grateful or anything. It’s hard for me to accept compliments. I don’t know how. I truly thank you though…. Thank you…


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