Ripple effects

A droplet, falling into the river,
Smooth and calm, silky motions,
Perfect surface, face of the river,
Droplet of rain, impacting suddenly,
Ruining the smoothness, the calmess.

Dropping, hiting with the faintest sounds,
Creating a motion, with a drop,
Perfect circles, forming, spreading,
Causing a ripple effect,
Upon the face which was perfect,
Growing, moving across the rivers surface,
Spreading wide and far,
Ripples upon ripples.

It took a droplet to fall,
To begin start a motion,
Strength, from a person,
Positivity, impacting those near and afar,
Growing with each waves,
Forming into something beautiful,
The effect of caring and love,
Spreading wide and far,
What a sight to behold,
What a joyous feeling,
Being the centre of all this,
Being the droplet that created it all.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of December 2015


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