Tonight will be the last

Tonight, as the world catches on fire,
It shall burn and burn,
We are young, burning brighter,
Than any fire which burns,
We accept, the dreadful fires,
From the ashes we shall rise.

Tonight, will be our last night,
For tomorrow shall be the beginning,
A restart to the world we know,
Different than ever before,
Tonight, our last night in the world,
That we have known and loved,
Tomorrow rises, as the future begins.

Tonight is our last night,
No more than a dream of yesterday,
Rising through the clouds of doubts,
Fully accepting the responsibility,
Responding with affections,
Lovingly in the arms of those that matters,
Facing the unknown as one,
Leaning on each other,
For comfort and strength,
The challenges ahead,
Are many and afar.

Tonight is the last night,
Before the world we know,
Shall turn into strangers,
Things we known are no more,
Only with the strength within,
Are we facing this together.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of December 2015


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