Farewell 2015

Gone are the days,
When my world was blacken,
Falling down ashes as rain,
Smothering, choking my inner self,
Unable to breathe the freshness,
Only the darkness filled my life.

Gone are the days,
Watching in the safety and comfort,
Feeling the uselessness and despair,
Emotions as great as the sky above,
Inconsolable feelings of distaught,
Events unfolding without any end,
Destructive forces, uniting as one.

Gone are the days,
While the world I once knew ,
Crumbling into pieces and ashes,
Shining lights from divine interventions,
Lending me the strength,
The ability and will to carry on,
What once was, gone with the days,
Knighted by the flames of suffering,
Transforming, transcending from within.

Now are the days,
Through my darkest hours,
Came strangers into my life,
Carrying me forward with my troubles,
Carrying the burden with I had to bare,
All alone, never again,
Amazing souls,
Joining my plight,
Recievied with much delight,
Couldn’t believe my sight,
Forcing and using all my might,
Fighting even through the night,
Witnessing all the amazing light,
Now, within is shining so bright.

Written by Tan Nguyen
31st of December 2015


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