New horizons 

Sounds of the oceans,
Into the silence of the night,
Waves crushing ashore, unique melody,
Full moon shining proudly above,
Stars filling the sky with glittery show,
Perfect night, as the wind blows gently,
Neither too hot not too cold,
Just perfect in every sense and feel.

Night spent with lovely friends,
Drinking the night away with laughter,
Surrounded by trusted people,
Enjoying the companionships of youth,
At this moment, feeling on top of the world,
Nothing, nothing at all is impossible,
Arrogance as great as th sky itself,
Such confidence, only found in youthful years.

As the sun begins to rise,
A brand new day has arrived,
Bedtime has finally come,
Off to sleep in dream world,
Dreaming of nothing, already living the dreams,
Little did I know,
My world is about to crumble,
To shake it on its head,
Leaving me utterly confused,
In a world I once knew.

Written by Tan Nguyen
4th of January 2016


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