Story from a poet

Texts from ancient past,
Life inside a creative mind,
Fiction and non fiction,
Retelling of an real event,
Or created in becoming an reality.

Poets and writers around the world,
Misunderstood by others near and far,
Turning inwards within ourselves,
Shunning reality, hurting too much,
Closing ourselves, heart and soul.

Expressing emotions, taking new forms,
Reaching out, in a different way,
Through our poetry we release ourselves,
Through our writings we share with others,
Through this technique, we are known,
Letting in strangers, who has read us,
Knowing us intimately, knowing us truly.

We as a poet and writers,
Sharing ourselves with the world,
If people take the time in reading,
Surely they will eventully know us truly.

Written by Tan Nguyen
4th of January 2016

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