In the air

I can feel it in the air,
Feeling it crawling on my skin,
Tingling feelings all over my body,
Shaking with anticipation.

Been waiting for this moment,
Waiting all my life,
Preparing for as long,
As I could remember,
Always knew a time would come,
A moment in waiting,
Until it finally it sneaked in.

A life in preparation,
Expecting the arrival,
Trying to gained the advantages,
Waiting for this moment,
As far as I can remember,
Since the beginning of my creation,
Since the beginning of time.

Undetected from my defenses,
Through my fortresses,
The main strong holds,
Attacking the blind sides,
Waiting for the moment,
When I dropped my guards,
My moment of weaknesses,
Annulling all my preparations,
Rendering them useless.

Written by Tan Nguyen


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