Never goes a day

As the days carries on,
Forgetting times before,
Never turning around,
Looking back to what was,
Soldiering on in life’s path.

Never goes a day,
When my thoughts remains,
Holding onto those precious days,
Gone but never forgotten,
Always on my mind each day.

Never forgetting the days,
Memories were forged,
Through timeless space,
Bounded by our fates,
Which holds together our destiny,
Tested through hardships,
The choices of life.

Systems made from above,
Unfolding of each events,
Experiencing everything,
The goodness,
Also the darkness,
Learning each steps,
Until knowing myself completely.

Life time of wonders,
Met with a life time of disappointments,
Perspective on seeing the world,
Owing me something great,
While in fact,
It is I,
Who owns the world, everything.

Each day I remember,
Remembering it well,
Where I stand,
My role on this Earth,
Expectations are great,
Nothing in which,
I am not able to handle.

Each day goes on,
Is another day forward,
Each passing day,
Is a day I grow stronger,
Each new day,
Another lesson is learnt,
Never a wasted day,
No such thing,
For in my eyes and mind,
There’s always something new to see.

Written by Tan Nguyen

5 thoughts on “Never goes a day

      1. Sounds like you’re struggling to find a way, to balance the things that are happening in your life, just keep working on educating yourself any way you can, and, you will eventually, get out of the woods.


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