Being lost within lost

Written by Tan Nguyen

Walking without even realising,
Like being in a dream while awake,
Walking without knowing where,
As if the feet has a mind of it’s own,
Doing things on it’s on accord.

Being in a waking dream,
Neither awake nor asleep,
Neither knowing nor not knowing,
Stuck between two dimensions,
Unsure which side I am standing on.

Feeling as if my brains are switched on,
Refusing to take any further part,
Letting the body fend for itself,
Leaving it in a zombie state,
Like a computer without any hardware.

Neither here nor there,
The body is at one place,
While the spirit is in another,
Trapped within the breaking of day,
Lost in the darkness of night,
Both worlds standing still,
Frozen in place, unable to proceed,
Waiting patiently as the problems are being solved.

Blind leading the blind,
Would created a silly sight,
The unwise teaching the unwise,
Would halt the evolution process,
Responsibilities within all of us,
We are nothing but a speck of sand,
Comparing to the vast universe,
A small role in the master plans.

Being lost within lost itself,
The road I had travelled on before,
Stumbling around like a fool,
Unable to see in the darkness,
Blindly searching for the light,
To make my path bright once more,
To see clearly the way in my life,
Finding the emergency exits,
Pulling myself from being lost.


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