Underworld Kingdom

Written by Tan Nguyen

Creative imaginations takes my hand,
Leading me into a world of fantasy,
Making it up as I go along,
Escaping into make believe,
Leaving behind reality for a little while.

Taking me on a journey,
Far out into the ocean,
Heading downwards under the waves,
Deeper, almost reaching the floor,
Towards the underground caves,
Travelling through the mazes,
The vast networks of tunnels,
Until finally, right before my eyes,
A Kingdom appeared from no where.

Within this magical place,
Sea creatures living together in harmony,
Such a peaceful place,
A wonderful place to be,
Surrounded with beauty never seen before,
Stunning with every details,
Handled, created with such care.

Thousands of years are their lifespan,
Language barriers non existent,
Even the sharks are peaceful,
Underground city,
Untouched from surface dwellers,
Their influenced no where to be seen,
Such a magical place indeed.

In a world filled with harmony,
Where every creature are at peace,
No fighting of any kind,
A city that’s more of a family,
Everyone knows each other,
Swimming to and fro without worry,
Without any hints of danger,
Without being cautious of others intentions,
A world of make belief,
Yet wishing it were reality.

Fantasy, beautiful imaginations,
Hesitant in leaving this fantasy dream,
Unable to predict,
In ever returning to such a place,
If I would see a place like this again,
Maybe I will,
Maybe I won’t,
One can only always hope,
Even if I know it’s only an illusion,
An illusion so wonderful,
Perhaps its no different than reality,
An illusion within illusions,
Unable to know which is real or fake,
At least in my make believe fantasy world,
I know where I stand at least.


6 thoughts on “Underworld Kingdom

  1. “Perhaps it’s no different than reality, An illusion within illusions.” Love these lines. Poetically beautiful. 🙂

    Life would be boring without an imagination.

    What is in this fantasy can never be in reality, not universal. We can create our very own small versions of it, albeit not perfectly.

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