Envious Blinding

Written by Tan Nguyen

As far as I can remember,
I always wanted to be someone,
Someone other than myself,
Putting them on a pedestal,
Higher that the clouds.

Imitating many characters,
I’ve seen on television,
Imitating their behaviours,
Wanting to be exactly like them,
Until I see someone more interesting,
Playing many characters over the years.

Didn’t realised until I looked back,
What all those characters,
All had in common,
It was always a leader,
Where others looked up to them,
Deciding, making a difficult decisions,
Being liked and adore by everyone.

It was awesome pretending,
Acting and behaving like them,
Little did I realised something true,
Those are only characters,
The actors who played them in movies,
Have many problems of their own,
Dealing with their own demons in reality.

It’s easy for someone,
To want to be someone else,
Having their life styles and glamour,
Most are unprepared to accept,
The demons that comes with it,
We are have our own battles to face,
To conquer ourselves and be better,
It’s easy to pretend to be someone else,
Everyone we meet in our lives,
Are all battling their biggest battle.


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