Unleashing full potentials

Written by Tan Nguyen

Fears and doubts ruled within,
Scared of being judged,
Afraid of being laughed at,
Terrified of being hated,
Letting the fears and doubts,
Ruling my decisions in my own life.

Heavy it weighs on my mind,
The things I allowed the fears within,
Prevented myself from per suing,
The dreams I always wanted.

As the mist of doubts,
Preventing the courage from within,
In seeing the confidence,
Which laid dormant inside,
Waiting to be called upon,
To spring up into action,
The call was never heard,
Because it was never called.

Fears and the doubts,
Stopped me from doing many things,
It stopped my dreams at night,
Prevented my ambitions to rise,
Choked, suffocated my self growth,
Seeking happiness,
Playing it safe all these years,
Denied myself a great adventure.

It’s time to let my fears go,
It’s time to stop doubting myself,
It’s time to unleashed my full potential,
Careless in whatever anyone else says,
Ignoring the critics,
That’s all they do is criticized,
Letting go of all the fears,
Which lived inside my heart,
For such a long time,
Letting go of the doubts,
Which lived inside my mind,
For all those years.

Time to let go of the past,
To continue onwards,
Never looking back again,
Releasing myself from the rules,
Which kept me safe all these years,
Only having but one life,
Time to used this life,
This gift and make something of myself.


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