Remember the times

Written by Tan Nguyen

Remember the times,
Of our youthful years,
Spending our nights,
Laughing until morning came,
Remember the times,
Before responsibility begun,
Reckless in our quests,
All those silly things we’ve done,
Having the time of our lives.

Remember the times,
From our distant past,
Without the worries,
That haunts us today,
Having no money in our pockets,
Still enjoying the night away,
Places we ventured,
Where no one else dared,
Things we’ve done,
That caused a stir till this day,
Remember those times,
Such wonderful times.

Remember the times,
When we were carefree,
Enjoying our lives as immature kids,
Learning as we go along,
Remember the times,
Those silly mistakes we’ve made,
Even to this day,
It brings a smile upon my face,
Remember the days,
Those precious moments,
Growing up was filled with joy.


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