Road less taken

Written by Tan Nguyen

Travelling down the road,
Making this trip many times before,
Seeing the same surroundings,
The same places each time.

Thoughts like whirlwinds,
Blowing inside my mind,
The reasons why I take this road,
Without any thoughts of my own,
Just an automatically response,
Only by habit travelling this way,
Down this road too many times.

Perhaps the reasons may be,
Its the safest road to take,
Travelling many times before,
It became second nature,
Knowing what to expect or not,
Its safe because its known,
Trodden on many times before.

On a sudden urged of recklessness,
Jumping onto a different road,
Travelling cautiously down,
Seeing everything different,
For the very first time,
Interesting and mysterious,
Walking down this unknown road,
Eliminating the sense of security,
Adding the sense of adventure.

Roads taken repeatedly,
Always ending in similar results,
Wanting something different,
Yet still walking the same road,
Wouldn’t change the results at all,
Taking a risk and breathing courage,
Choosing a different road,
Surely would have a new result,
Road less travelled on,
Producing unknown results,
Exactly the results,
Been waiting all my life to achieved.


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