Solitude in Isolation

Written by Tan Nguyen

Noise steadily raising in volume,
Louder until it’s unbearable,
Causing ringing sounds,
Vibrating around the mind,
The effects are overwhelming,
To much to handle,
Shutting, closing the doors,
Locking it from the world.

Soundless, more quiet than night,
Noise denied entry into confinement,
Only with the sounds inside the mind,
Alone, with only thoughts,
Alone, thoughts as companionships,
Quiet, silence seemingly unnatural.

Being alone, absolutely alone,
Even the sounds from the world,
Makes not even a beep,
Total absolute silence,
Eerie silence dominates,
Isolation, isolating oneself,
From everyone and everything.

Much needed escaped,
From a world filled with noise,
With noise blocking thoughts,
Distracting with unwanted sounds,
Interrupting, disturbing the focus.

Escaping where no one knows,
To be alone with any distractions,
Some place where noise is denied,
Following wherever it my be,
Isolation, being truly alone.


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