Stages of life

Written by Tan Nguyen

Rivers lacking the water,
Which makes it flow,
Eventually running dry as days goes by,
Waiting desperately for the rain to come,
Causing a flood to fall from the sky.

Rivers may be dry today,
Where only yesterday the water overflowed,
Tomorrow there’s always hope,
Unable to know with certainty,
What tomorrow shall bring with it.

Today we may be happy,
Events and circumstances,
May break that spell any moment,
Life is unexpected,
Never know what will happen,
Life’s a game we play,
Living our lives and handling,
All the problems within ourselves,
Problems which lingers always,
Invading our personal spaces,
Despite all this ongoing drama,
We still lived another day.

Stages of life,
Stages of our growth,
Both spiritually and personally,
Lessons learnt through diversities,
Through the strength and courage,
The wisdoms we’ve acquired,
Through all the stages of our lives.


2 thoughts on “Stages of Life

  1. Nice one. Your final verse reminds me of this from Keats, forgive me for quoting:

    “The common cognomen of this world among the misguided and superstitious is ‘a vale of tears’ from which we are to be redeemed by a certain arbitrary interposition of God and taken to Heaven. What a little circumscribed straightened notion! Call the world if you Please “The vale of Soul-making” … Soul as distinguished from an Intelligence – there may be intelligences or sparks of the divinity in millions – but they are not Souls till they acquire identities, till each one is personally itself.”

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