Walking around in circles

Written by Tan Nguyen

Walking through the meadows,
Into the fields of confusion,
Passing by familiar scenes,
Lost within the maze of meadows.

Grass taller than three humans,
Giant flowers are seen everywhere,
Walking around in circles,
Lost somewhere in the meadows,
The field of confusion,
Truly deserved it’s name,
Going there or here,
Ending up in the same spot,
Trying every which way,
Still resulting the same,
The same spot over and over again.

Starting once again,
Desperation begun to set in,
Frustrated by the lack of progress,
Infuriated by the many attempts,
Trying again and again,
Still ending up in the same place,
Different directions each time,
Only going around in circles,
Walking here or walking there,
Creating the same old circle,
Ending in the same place once again.


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