Where have you gone

Written by Tan Nguyen

Didn’t you promised me,
That you will always be there,
To continue on teaching me,
The things I needed to learn,
Your the first ever person,
That showed kindness to me,
Bringing me into your home,
Away from the cold nights,
Where are you now?
Where have you gone?

You promised me you wouldn’t leave,
You said you will always be around,
When I was lost and confused,
When I hated the world so much,
You were there for me,
Now you are no where to be seen,
Why did you have to die?
Where have you gone?

Remember when you first seen me,
I was no more than a small boy,
A child roaming the streets,
Whom had just ran away from home,
Angry with his parents,
Angry with everything,
Angry with myself,
For being so small,
Where have you gone?
Why did you have to die?

You said I can handle the world,
That I can do anything I wanted,
All the books you made me read,
To apply in my adult life,
Are meaningless without you here,
Why did you go away,
Leaving me all alone,
In a world I hate so much,
Where have you gone?
Leaving me afraid and alone.

Didn’t you say that life was interesting,
That life is fun and exciting,
Maybe it was all those things,
Maybe it was once,
Not anymore,
Not even close,
Why did you leave me?
Leaving me in this world,
Facing it without you beside me,
Where have you gone?

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