Beneath the wings

Written by Tan Nguyen

Strength beneath the wings,
Faltering cause by hesitations,
Flicker of doubts showing signs,
Flapping wings lessening in beats.

Beneath the flappings,
Powerful are the winds,
Descending down upon the world,
Causing great hurricanes in its wake,
Gust of wind as if sent from the divine.

Beneath the magnificence,
Beautiful strong wings,
As large of moutains which moves,
Blurring the world as it passes,
Zooming by before anyone notices,
Beneath the wings as it goes on by.

Fragments of imaginations,
Those whom are fortunate enough,
Glimpsing as it goes on by,
Second guessing themselves,
Unsure of what they saw were true,
Less than an instant it lasted,
Concluding the mind are playing tricks.

The end


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