Protecting unsuccessful

Written by Tan Nguyen

There are certain values,
That should never be neglected,
Protecting the one thing that mattered,
Supposed to shield them from harms way,
Ending up being the one hurting them most.

There’s no excuses in the world,
There’s no remorst strong enough,
Hurting that special someone,
Being the reasons for their pain,
It’s a feeling like nothing before.

Selfish reasons of mine,
Caused her being let down,
Should of known better,
Everything that comes near,
Gets destroyed in the end.

Encountering other life forms,
Like a poison that slowly,
Entering their blood stream,
Destroying them little by little,
Until they are totally broken to pieces.

Someone people are destined,
Not meant to be around others,
Causing nothing but destruction,
Better being alone than hurting others,
Perhaps I am one of those destined to be.

The end

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