Judged by clowns

Written by Tan Nguyen

Amazingly I had discovered,
There are many perfect saints,
Living amongst us mere humans,
It should be an honour,
Being in the presence of the divined.

Many perfect saints,
Whom must of never made a mistake,
Nor even committed a sin,
For they are always ready,
Critizing my every move,
Everything I do has their attention.

For if they are not perfect,
Who has indeed committed sins,
For them to even judged me,
Is like a judgement from a clown,
Another opinion handed down,
From the courts of a kangaroo,
Perhaps the verdict,
Concluded from the village idiot.

My life is the most uninteresting,
The most boring life anyone can have,
Yet for some unexplained reasons,
They are glued to my life,
Like Winnie the Pooh,
Is to honey.

The end

17 thoughts on “Judged by Clowns

      1. It may sound trite, but there’s a great book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz that you may like. You can see the highlights w/ a Google search… It’s on my writing plan, just have to prioritize it in. =) Namaste.

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  1. Oh Lawd 3 weeks ago (youtuber) reminds me of your poem
    ” yes. But its okay, I kind of realize that life is like a painting, you can’t erase the past, but you can paint over it until you complete your painting that is called life, it can turn into a master piece or can get destroyed with the future strokes. Some people are born with bigger canvases, allowing them to get away with mistakes or misfortunes. And some are born with a canvas too weak to last a day.”

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