Places never known

Written by Tan Nguyen
For Lyudmyla Karpova

Comforts in feelings and emotions,
Reaching heights higher than before,
New experiences not unpleasant,
Kinda only feels like a dream,
Never wanting to ever wake.

Time hasn’t clicked many clicks,
Durations hasn’t even been long,
Lasting only for a little,
Comparing the many things,
Which we had been through,
Testing us like never before,
Challenging our very beliefs.

Our trials throughout it all,
Almost sending us over the edge,
Chipping away at our sanity,
Pealing away the weaknesses,
Leaving only our strengths,
Certainly through the times,
Making us stronger with every challenges.

Pushing and testing our limitations,
Possessing qualities within ourselves,
Hidden away from ourselves,
Until the moment when it’s needed,
Revealing itself to us,
During our hardest battles.

Even though the time,
Hasn’t been that long at all,
It’s as if we’ve known one another,
All our life time,
I can’t even imagined anymore,
A life without you in it.

The end

6 thoughts on “Places never known

      1. It can mean different things..
        Perhaps a perception most don’t have, a tender way to see feel this world and all its sides…
        But you are young and humble which sounds opposing…
        Stay open that’s all that counts..

        Liked by 1 person

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