Entry to poetry world

Written by Tan Nguyen

New adventures into a new world,
Entering into the world of poetry,
Where written words reflects the soul,
Expressing the emotions,
From within and around,
Surrounding our minds and souls.

Little did I know,
The effects from taking this step,
Into a world that was unknown,
Didn’t know what to expect,
When I first entered here,
Life defining moment for me personally,
In more ways than one.

Sacred oaths bounded by words,
Finding which was important,
Discovering myself,
While exploring the lands,
As a stranger I felt welcomed,
Kindred spirits are plentiful,
Like minded and caring people,
Such a beautiful place to be.

With such kind souls,
Lending me their thoughts,
Sharing their opinions,
Feelings of belonging,
Came as naturally as breathing,
While I searched other places,
Never had I felt such strong connections,
Within the poetry world,
Finding a place where I belonged.

As time carrys on,
I find myself more and more,
Opened in both my heart and soul,
Expressing myself without worry,
Without being afraid of judgements,
A place where I am understood,
Feeling the warmth of the people,
Returning their embrace happily,
It has taken a very long time,
For me to find such a place as this,
Now that I am here,
Never wanting to leave,
Ever again.

The end

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