Only small compared

Written by Tan Nguyen

Looking at the universe as a whole,
Always leaving me in awe,
Of how really massive it is,
I can’t begin to comprehend,
The vastness which exists,
A world beyond my own.

I am only a small speck of dust,
If the wind comes howling,
Lifting me up and sending me a far,
Would anyone noticed I was gone?
Does it matter if my life ended,
Being so insufficient when comparing,
To the universe as an whole.

All the way up above,
Beyond my reaches and dreams,
Many life times to attempt,
Travelling through unlimited spaces,
If it were possible to even do,
To travel everywhere in the universe,
Surely only the divine,
Are capable of accomplishing such feats.

A mere life form I am,
Full of curiosity and wonders,
Wanting to know the universe,
And discover everything out there,
With my limitations,
I know it’s impossible,
To even make such a journey,
When even I pushed with all my strength,
Unable to even make a dent,
Upon the universe as an whole.

The end

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