Thoughts undone

Written by Tan Nguyen

Heaven’s sky opened it’s doors,
Smiling and welcoming,
With the warmest and opened arms,
Heart desires made complete and whole,
Seeing the divine up close,
Interacting with legends of ancient times.

Interest heightened with the presence,
Beautiful surroundings with magical beings,
Graceful and humble,
Graciously offering their hospitality,
Feeling comfortable and at eased.

Characteristics surely differs,
Of those that I once knew,
From the world I was a part of,
Up here, above the world so high,
Everything is bright and radiant,
Comparing to darkness and bleakness,
Light hearted, opposed to heaviness,
Cheerful and pure happiness,
Comparing to despair and depression.

Far away from the world I knew,
Enjoying the presence of the divine,
Even the laughter can heard,
Different than those below,
Here is true while down there is pretentious,
Here is with hearts intentions,
While there is for selfish reasons.

The end


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