Whispering temptations

Written by Tan Nguyen

In the depth of night,
Silence, nothing stirs,
Sleep has came,
Taking the hands,
Leading sleepy minds,
To the land of dreams.

Voices are heard,
Whispering softly in the night,
Tempting with seductive words,
Come back into darkness,
Come back to where you belong,
Whispers flowing sweetly,
Dangerously knowing,
Exactly the effects it causes.

Come back to where your wanted,
The whispers continues on,
Tempting me back,
To the darker side of life,
Whispers playing at my weaknesses,
Knowing exactly the right words,
Knowing my deepest thoughts,
Urging me towards the past,
Where I was lost for eternity.

People you know now,
Don’t care about you,
They only pretend to care,
The whispers urges on,
Forgetting what my life was like,
Before I escaped into the light,
Where the paths are bright,
Walking without falling down,
Tripping over in the darkness,
Being blinded by illusions,
How quickly are these whispers,
To forget the struggles I endured.

Yet the whispers persist,
Tempting me with falsehood,
Lies and deceits,
Forgetting something important,
I remember those days,
Where I fought my hardest,
Climbing out of depression,
Finding hope where there were none,
Whispers are treacherous,
Remembering only what it wants,
Forgetting anything else,
Yet I shall never forget,
Those days spent fighting,
Were the most difficult,
Hardest battles I ever fought,
No way shall I return,
I shall never forget.

The end

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