Escaping Forever

Written by Tan Nguyen

Laying down in bed,
Tucked in nice and comfy,
Waiting for sleep to come,
Taking me away to dreamland,
Signs begins to show,
Feeling my eyelids becoming heavily,
Knowing it won’t be long now,
Until sleep takes me away from here.

Slowly my eyes closes and opens,
Unsure why I am even resisting,
Until finally my eyes closes,
Unable to opened them again,
Drifting away into darkness,
Feeling my hands being held,
Leading me away to dreamworld.

Escaping reality wasn’t difficult,
Without hesitations my decisions made,
Leaving reality was a gift,
Gifted to me by my imaginations,
Suffocating in reality,
Escaping for a little while,
Enabling myself to breathe,
Leaving reality behind,
Only for a little while.

Putting life on hold,
While journeying through,
My creative mind,
Exploring the endless possibilities,
Figuring out the reasons,
Figuring out the whys,
For I know reality is waiting,
Watching keenly for my return,
Eagerly anticipating its hands,
Around my throat once again.

There’s no escape my reality,
One day there’s a reckoning,
A major battle which awaits,
A battle that’s up hill,
For now I am recuperating,
Preparing for what seems like,
The biggest battle of my life.

The end

6 thoughts on “Escaping Forever

  1. Life sometimes just hands us one lemons too many and too fast, and we’d needed a temporary get away, and that is when having an active imagination really helps, and you seem to be extremely imaginative, so, feel free, to make that escape from your reality every now and then, so long as you don’t make it into a habit that you get trapped in…

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