Life and death

Written by Tan Nguyen

Death shall one day,
Come and claimed me,
As death’s own,
Eventually that day will come,
Inescapable as hard I try.

Thoughts of death,
Makes many uncomfortable,
Avoiding such topics,
Changing with another,
Maybe if the subject is avoided,
Perhaps death may never come.

Being gifted the gift of life,
Walking the grounds,
Our ancestors once walked,
Experiencing similar things,
Feeling similar feelings,
We live a life,
Then we pass away,
Onto another kind of existent.

Purposes of our lives,
Is unknown to all but ourselves,
Discovering the meanings,
Finding that purpose,
Is part of our journey,
Accomplishing the goals,
Chasing the dreams,
Succeeding or failures,
Doesn’t matter at all,
It’s the pursuing which matters most of all.

Only given one life,
One chance to live,
One opportunity,
To make the most of it,
To do what we can,
The upmost best we are able,
From the time we are born,
Till the time we depart,
Always giving our very best efforts,
Enjoying the gift,
We have been given.

The end


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