Beautiful and Dreadful

Written by Tan Nguyen

Sometimes my emotions,
Are such a beautiful thing,
Other times my emotions,
Are such dreadful things,
Wishing for a balance in feelings,
Neither too extreme,
Nor lacking anything at all.

Each time the winds are blowing,
Through the fields of my dreams,
Hints of the passions which lived,
Rediscovering those magical moments,
Trying as I may,
Sometimes with all my strength,
Still the ending is always the same,
Either too extreme or lacking.

Dreams which died a long time ago,
Hopes faded as time ages,
Finding a foothold of stability,
Slipping through the gaps,
Unable to grasped those past feelings,
Trying as I may,
Trying as I might,
Finding my innerself,
Buried so deeply within.

Pretentious smile,
Fooling most but not all,
Seeing through my charades,
Knowing me more than myself,
These people I keep close,
Beautiful souls with tender hearts,
Dreadful are my feelings,
Beautiful are the lovely people,
Whom surrounds me in their embrace,
Warming those cold feelings,
Dreadful emotions which fills me.

The end


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