Controlling Destructions

Written by Tan Nguyen

Comfortable with the daylights,
Adapting from the darkness,
Adjusting sights to the light,
Modifying hearings above the ground,
Reinventing myself once more,
Re entering the world I left behind.

Updating myself with the knowledge,
Relearning everything once again,
Lessons of old revealing untrue,
Everything I ever learnt was a lie,
Starting from the ground up,
Stripping myself bare for a total restart.

Structures and beliefs an illusion,
Created from the victors of history,
Researching the truths hidden away,
Uncovering many falsehoods,
The world isn’t what I thought it was,
Interestingly enough was I never cared.

Unknown reasons caused me to seek,
Upon the reality created by deceits,
Awakening came unexpectedly,
When things didn’t add up,
Didn’t make common sense,
Begun to questioned the world,
Asking questions which opened,
My mind and soul.

Controlling destructions around me,
Destroying the lies and illusions,
Created through my schoolings,
The educations which seemed right,
The doctrines instilled in me,
Since my first word I could read,
Separating myself with society,
Came upon my reawakening state.

The end

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