Written by Tan Nguyen

When my eyes are unable,
To opened and wake up,
In seeing another day,
My time has finally ran out,
Parting from the life I knew,
Into the misty fogs I go.

Arriving somewhere within the mist,
Seeing shadows appearing,
Where they came from,
I do not know,
Faint at first,
Darker it became,
Reckonizing the shadow figures,
People I once called my friends,
Those that departed long before.

Will they know who I am,
The person I had became,
Would they still call me friend,
After the things I had done,
Years has gone by,
Without them by my side,
Choices were made,
Out of my normal characteristics,
Will they still call me friend,
Or be proud of the things I’ve done,
Perhaps be even disappointed.

Will these shadows,
Take my hand and lead the way,
Or will they fade into the mist,
Disappearing from my world again,
Will they be ashamed,
Of the person I’ve become,
Will I be able to look them in the eyes,
Being proud of the person I’ve become,
Perhaps looking at the ground,
Unable to look them in the eyes.

The end


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