End Game

Written by Tan Nguyen

Beginnings also has an ending,
Somewhere in the middle,
Is where we struggled the most,
Early battles seems meaningless,
Comparing with our greatest trials,
Nothing comes even close.

Endings are meant to be,
Supposed to be happily ever after,
Learnt from fairytales as a child,
Perhaps I am mistaken,
Hopefully I am wrong,
Haven’t seen the ending to my story,
Still stuck somewhere in the middle.

Focusing all my strength,
Working towards a fairytale ending,
Ignoring the distractions,
Many obstacles which blocks my path,
Quickly I discovered a truth,
In being able to reach my end game,
Those distractions and obstacles,
Are there for important reasons.

For a journey is exactly like a book,
Impossible to start and skipping pages,
Missing the details of inbetween,
Informations and lessons are lost,
Without reading from start to finished,
Same with life to it’s fullest,
Everything happens for a reason,
Doesn’t seem like it at the time,
But those struggles we faced,
Are indeed helping us along the way.

The end


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