Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

Written by Tan Nguyen

The world is crying out,
Tears of blood weeping,
Flowing freely down,
Soaking the grounds,
Forming rivers of bloodied tears.

Suffering immensely from vile deeds,
Behavioural acts against humanity,
Causing absolute disgusting evil,
Humans committing horrible crimes,
Against another human being,
Revolting cruelties carried out daily.

Humanity’s greatest challenges,
Failing the trials miserably,
Humanity is fading quickly,
Losing the battles as each acts,
Continues being committed,
Hopefully humanity shall wake up,
Before it’s too late to act at all.

Humans killing another human,
Causing great distress upon our name,
Left unpunished without justices,
Blood of the innocences,
Soaking the grounds,
Crying out for anyone to come help,
Crying, hoping for someone to hear,
Humanity’s greatest challenges,
We are failing, letting down humanity.

Comfortable in our beds,
While the innocence are slaughter,
Butchered while we sleep,
Childrens are taken to the streets,
Beheaded, their blood joins the rest,
Soaking the ground where they fell,
Their blood mixing with the rest,
Flowing down the street,
Forming a river made of blood.

Can’t we open our ears,
To hear the cries of innocence,
Have we lost our way,
Have we fallen so deep,
That we stopped caring of others,
Listen to the heartbreaks,
Listen to the please to live,
Begging not to be killed,
Dragged onto the streets,
Slaughtered and butchered,
While they cry out for help.

The end


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