Written by Tan Nguyen

When it’s time for me,
Departing from this world,
Leaving behind a legacy,
A life which I lived,
Being remembered,
From the battles I faced.

Mortality sanks it’s tooth,
A mark I will never forget,
What is it I would want,
For the future generations,
To know about the person,
That lived so long ago.

Perhaps I won’t be remembered,
Quickly forgotten as my ashes,
Scattered, thrown into the wind,
Being the ending,
Of my life’s story.

Sadly having these thoughts,
Straining my mind,
Thinking of anything,
Anything at all,
Worthy of leaving behind,
Nothing to be remembered for,
Nothing comes to mind.

Maybe one day I will be able,
Perhaps it may never come,
Living my life as best I can,
If it is destined to be,
Leaving my mark upon this world,
Then I am happy about it,
If it’s not destined to be,
At least I tried.

The end

4 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. At least I tried. I believe that’s all we can do. Try and thrive and give it our best and then try harder when our best isn’t good enough.
    Leaving a legacy is very important especially a good one. And I believe all humanity will agree with you as each one has mortality as a plague once in a while

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