Restless Thoughts

Written by Tan Nguyen

Somewhere inside my mind,
Sometimes driving myself insane,
Asking questions unable to answer,
Questions circling around my thoughts,
Playing to conclusions different ends.

What ifs questions of insanity,
Round and round it goes,
Until sleep shows mercy,
Releasing me from my torments,
Regrets are plenty,
Remorse are many,
Living those moments,
Again and again.

Sometimes it ain’t easy, being me,
Sometimes it’s confusing,
Living inside my head,
Sharing the spaces of thoughts,
With a maniacs mind,
Chaotic, messy with unpleasantness,
Pushing me further to a depress state.

Inside filled with turmoil,
Battles rages on stronger than ever,
Voices arguing amongst themselves,
Inner self searching an escaped,
Inner voice being drowned out,
Given no choice but to stay,
Impossible to escaped from oneself.

Even the shadows of my body,
Desiring being anywhere else but here,
If given a choices to stay behind,
Without the restrictions of divine laws,
Surely I would already abandoned,
Left myself long ago,
Never looking back, not even a glance,
Without even a goodbye.

The end


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