Trapped in eternity

Written by Tan Nguyen

Endless are the times,
Trapped between forever,
Unable to continue forward,
Denied in going backwards,
Held in place by the forces,
Which has power over me.

Time moves on without me,
World continues to spin around,
People dancing and playing,
Watching it through the mirrors,
Watching as everything carrys on,
As if I never existed,
Without my involvements,
Making no difference at all.

Drowning under the waters,
Frozen ice which held me,
Melts into a flooding grace,
Unable to breath,
Unable to find the will,
To carry on the struggles,
To continue the fight,
Carrying on for what end.

Timeless spaces of eternity,
Ever moving forward without me,
Makes no difference if I played a part,
Insufficient lifeform,
Letting the flood overwhelmed,
Inviting with opened arms,
Take me away,
Better than staying still.

The end

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